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Global Health Databank

Aetna Global Benefits clients get privileged access to our Global Health DataBank. Wherever you are in the world, whatever your health requirements, the DataBank is your first port of call. You can use it to find a local doctor or clinic, to find translations for drugs overseas or just about any other health resource you may need.

Just click on the appropriate link from the list below. First time users will need to register with their Aetna Global Benefits policy number.

  • Doctor Search
    Learn more about our international physician community to locate a contracted, English-speaking doctor in over 180 countries and then review a personal profile.
  • Medical Facility Search -- Direct Settlement
    Find international hospitals and clinics that have agreed to accept direct settlement, provided Aetna Global Benefits has guaranteed the charges in advance. Aetna Global Benefits offers this service in conjunction with HTH Worldwide to minimize the need for members to pay at the time of service for planned in-patient treatment, a maternity stay or day-patient services.

    To request direct settlement for planned treatment at a Partner Facility, Members must contact Aetna Global Benefits at least 2 business days prior to treatment to request pre-authorisation and co-ordination of the direct settlement with the Facility. If you choose to seek treatment at a Aetna Global Benefits Partner Facility without notifying Aetna Global Benefits in advance, the Facility will expect payment in full at the time of service.

    Direct Settlement FAQs
  • CityHealth┬« Profiles.
    Critical health information for nearly 300 commonly
    visited cities, including notable hospitals and clinics.
  • Security Profiles
    Provided in partnership with Drum Cussac, Security profiles promote your personal safety by providing convenient access to vitally important intelligence on health and security risks in your destination. Consult country and city-level security profiles for over 200 destinations.
  • Drug Translation
    Prescription and over-the-counter medications are sold under different names around the world. Learn the equivalent brands for over 375 drugs in frequently visited countries.
  • Medical Term Translation
    Use the precise medical or common term in the the ten most widely spoken languages to make sure you get the care you need.
  • Medical Phrase Translation
    Clear communication is a crucial part of high quality healthcare. Make sure you are understood in any of the ten most widely spoken languages.
  • Healthy Travel
    Whether your goal is to avoid jet lag or prepare for a safe overseas work assignment, these travel health articles can help.

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